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If you are like most men and women, you enjoy feeling confident and looking your best. When you achieve that radiant vibrancy that comes with a clean, healthy body, life is more exhilarating. Colon hydrotherapy provides the internal organs relief from the stress of chemical and metabolic waste that overloads the colon from years of accumulation. 

The benefits following colon hydrotherapy sessions are:

  • clearer skin 
  • weight loss 
  • loss of negative emotions 
  • bowel regularity 
  • lymphatic rejuvenation 
  • mental clarity 
  • clean breath 
  • clear eyes
  • detoxification
  • relief of joint pain
  • relief of gas and bloating

    Now more than ever, people are seeking colon hydrotherapy as they have for centuries around the world. Nothing compares to loving the way you look and feel!

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    What the Doctors say:

    Leonard Smith, M.D., of Gainsville, Florida graduated from medical school and eventually became board certified in general surgery by the American College of Surgery.

    “I am very well acquainted with the colon’s functions, and my true belief is that colon hydrotherapy is the perfect cleansing medium for preparing the patient for colonoscopy. It’s a much better way of getting the human colon ready for an operation than having a patient swallow a gallon of that presurgery solution known as ‘Colon-Go-Lytely.’ Instead, colon hydrotherapy allows the patient to avoid this solution’s noxious side effects of vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and other troubles,” Dr. Smith says.

    Dr John Harvey Kellogg:

    "Up to 90% of diseases are due to improper functioning of the colon... Of the 22,000 operations that I have personally performed, I have never found a single normal colon."

    Dr. Jeffrey Bland publishes results of a rigorous 3 month clinical study of people on an internal cleanse regime at the prestigious Linus Pauling Institute.

    In all cases he finds a reduction of pathogenic bacteria, an increase in water soluble vitamin absorption and a decrease of undigested (rotting) protein in the bowel.

    Dr. George C. Crile, one of the world’s leading surgeons of his time says:

    “If people would take care of their body and cleanse their colon and intestines, their problems would be pretty much eliminated.”

     Feeling Vibrant All Over 


    There are several reasons why individuals seek colon hydrotherapy. Constipation, that may last up to several weeks is not uncommon. Pain, discomfort and bloating are often relieved by the first or second session.  Many are concerned with health-related issues that cause stress and illness over time if not addressed. 

    Some individuals may feel uncomfortable speaking openly about their bowel issues. If you are one of these people, you are not alone. You may be surprised to learn how many men and women just like you are dealing with the symptoms of a toxic, sluggish bowel. 

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    Colon hydrotherapy is the only safe, sanitary and effective method recognised by the health industry. It is the method chosen by millions, that can help you to attain that feeling of lightness, brightness and health. It's a comfortable, affordable way to refresh your body, boost your self-confidence and enrich your enjoyment of life.

    Many people seek relief by taking laxatives, prescriptions, or even enema's to no avail. Colon hydrotherapy is the only system that will remove years of debris that may be lining the entire lower intestine, blocking important nutrients from being absorbed by the body, in affect starving the organs, cells and brain of vital  nourishment. 

    Our professional, certified Colon Hydrotherapists will assist you in facilitating your cleansing and maintenance program and answer any questions you may have.  

    Our FDA Approved Aquanet EC-2000 is a closed-system machine designed to safely regulate water pressure. Water is double-filtered through carbon filters and UV lighting. The entire internal mechanism is sanitized between each client. Only sealed disposable speculums and hoses are used per client for every session.  We are proud to offer this service known for its universal acceptability and success.

     Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long does each session take?

    A: Session time can vary from 40 - 45 minutes. Results and  amount of matter released depend on  overall tone and condition of the colon,  individuals overall health and dietary habits.

    Q: Is Colon Hydrotherapy painful?

    A: Generally the session is pain free, with only minor cramping where impacted material begins to release from areas of the colon where it has been stored, in many cases, for years.

    Q: How many sessions do I need?

    A: It is usually beneficial to do several sessions if you have never had colon hydrotherapy. 90% of the population have many years of old toxic matter.

    Q: How much does Colon hydrotherapy cost?

    A: Colonics are $90 per session.  

    The overall cost is tied to each individual's recommended cleansing schedule. Your therapist will discuss with you the optimum program to achieve the results you desire.

    Q: Why not take laxatives or use other means to induce a bowel movement?

    A: Regular usage of laxatives may be very damaging to the peristaltic action of the colon. Peristalsis is the natural involuntary action of the muscles to remove food, waste matter, and other contents from the intestine.

    Abnormal Colon

    Examples of an abnormal colon 

    A healthy colon is a happy colon.

    A Healthy Colon is a Happy Colon!